Ripple Wave Necklace

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Delicate, understated and feminine. This bracelet is the epiphany of beach elegance.

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Sterling silver Ripple Wave Necklace

Worn by the waves, recycled from the sea. This beautiful necklace is inspired by the mesmerising ripples in the ocean.

Made with ecosilver and sterling silver belcher chain, this necklace sits flush against the collarbone. Designed to flow in a continuous line, just like water.

Sparkling from every angle each wave is hand crafted and gently hammered, enabling it to glimmer in the light. No two are ever the same, just like each wave in the ocean they are all ever so slightly different.

Each wave is carefully handmade, therefore will vary slightly in colour, pattern and texture than pictured – Making each piece exclusive.


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14", 16", 18", 20"

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