Sea Glass Ring Pale Blue

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Beachcombed in St Marys

Sea Glass – A feminine and innocent collection inspired by the raw beauty of the glass washed upon the shore.


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Pale Blue sea glass ring

Worn by the waves, recycled from the sea. Beautiful rare sea glass set in a secure sterling silver case that has been carefully moulded around its individual form.

Sterling silver 1.5mm smooth band

Size P

Completely unique, hand collected from Cornish beaches, no two are ever the same.

Sea Glass is a product of nature, therefore will vary slightly in colour, pattern and texture than pictured – Making each piece exclusive.

Where possible I make my jewellery using 100% recycled sterling ECOsilver.

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1.5mm SMALL Smooth, 1.5mm SMALL Hammered, 1.5mm MEDIUM Smooth, 1.5mm MEDIUM Hammered, 1.5mm LARGE Smooth, 1.5mm LARGE Hammered, 2mm SMALL Smooth, 2mm SMALL Hammered, 2mm MEDIUM Smooth, 2mm MEDIUM Hammered, 2mm LARGE Smooth, 2mm LARGE Hammered

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