About Sadie Jewellery

Hi! Im Sadie 🙂

I make jewellery using recycled sea glass and sterling silver. These beautiful ocean gems can take 7 years and more to form underwater and approach the shore. My favourite gemstones are also carefully cut into little water droplets adding a little sparkle.

Living close to the sea it’s hard not to be inspired. I’m a keen surfer and spend many days at the beach in and out of the sea collecting glass. I love how silver flows just like water and I like to portray that in my work. I collect sea glass and turn it into wearable treasure. With my jewellery, no matter where you are you will always hold a piece of the sea close to your heart.

My aim is to enhance the raw beauty of the sea glass and the natural charm of the gemstones, keeping it minimal and clean. I like to think I have my own style, feminine and elegant with a hint of mermaid.

With my studio overlooking the sea, I have plenty of beaches on tap to find sea glass, but I do  however love an adventure. Cornwall and Devon, have many untouched secret beaches which are incredible for beachcombing. There really is nothing better than finding a rare piece of glass, cornflower blues and pinks are my favourite, it gets very addictive! No two are ever the same and I think that’s what makes each piece so special.

I studied at Plymouth College of Art which really helped me flourish as an artist and designer. From a young age I knew that I wanted a career in the creative industry. I grew up on the south coast of Cornwall with my mum who I must thank for encouraging me and believing in me right from the beginning. When I was 5 she bought me a “make your own jewellery” kit and from then on, I haven’t stopped. I guess that was when the seed was planted!

Handmade ethically conscious sea glass jewellery by Sadie Hodgson.

What is sea glass?

Physically weathered glass that has been naturally tumbled by the oceans tides, currents, waves and sand. Sea glass has a frosted powdery complexion that glimmers in the sunlight upon the shore. Each piece is completely unique, with its own story where it was found and what it once was. They take decades and even up to centuries to form until the edges are perfectly rounded so that can be made into sea glass jewellery. Living in Cornwall we have a strong maritime connection, many of our glass washed ashore comes from shipwrecks and vintage fishing buoys. Another source is Victorian tableware, Newquay especially was a thriving holiday destination with 1000’s of people descending to our beautiful town and beaches. Before the early 1900’s everything came in glass bottles or jars. At this time, it was common for people to discard their unwanted glassware into the sea, thus creating these fascinating ocean gems we find today.