Recycled Handmade Resin Jewellery

Introducing my new recycled resin jewellery collection, in collaboration with Tides of Teal by Holly Freemantle

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Recycled Resin

Recycled Resin – made for the first time ever in a totally unique way. An Ocean Jewellery first here at Sadie Jewellery combining the two worlds of Resin artwork and recycled ECO-friendly specialist jewellery.

A brand new collection and collaboration from Sadie Jewellery and Tides of Teal

A brand new collection and collaboration from Sadie Jewellery and Tides of Teal. A real first for both industries, combing the best of both and resulting in beautiful and exclusive jewellery like it’s never been seen before.

Re-purposed and recycled Resin

Re-purposed and recycled Resin offcuts made into Ocean Jewellery from the entirely bespoke and lovingly created artwork made in the Tides of Teal studio.

Each piece is completely unique

No two pieces will ever be the same. The brilliant blues and turquoise hues have been set in ECOsilver, which is 100% sterling silver, but a completely sustainable and 100% recycled alternative.

Tides of Teal

Tides of Teal is run by Holly Freemantle, a self-taught Resin artist who finds inspiration in the ocean and through a love of surfing. Every piece she makes is entirely bespoke and lovingly created in her studio workshop.

To see more of Holly’s work visit her website + instagram.

Environmentally conscious jewellery

By recycling the remaining pieces from the resin process, this results in a doubly recycled piece of jewellery that combines two unique industries in one. When made in this way, together we have intertwined our skillsets and abilities to produce an entirely new range of Resin Jewellery – a first for the jewellery and resin industry.

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